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It has been said that the national parks system was America’s best idea. Most would agree that the smaller parks systems managed by state parks departments deserve a similar level of reverence. The protection and responsible management of these beloved treasures is in the hands of the dedicated nature lovers that serve as park rangers with the National Park Service and state parks departments.

ParkRangerEDU.org was developed as a resource for the individuals called to environmental stewardship through a career with the National Park Service or with a state parks department. This resource was designed specifically to anticipate and answer the questions people have as they begin to explore the education, training and experience requirements for a career in conservation and park management.

A park ranger’s responsibilities differ depending on their specific role, and the level of authority granted to them by the parks departments they work for. Whether serving in an interpretive capacity to educate the public on the historical and geological significance of the lands they manage, or as law enforcement professionals who enforce park rules to ensure public safety, all park ranger job candidates are expected to meet high standards of education, experience and training.

ParkRangerEDU.org provides:

  • Guides that detail the entry-level job requirements for the state and national parks located in each state
  • Information on the various types of park ranger jobs and the education and training requirements for each
  • Information on volunteer opportunities for gaining the experience necessary to become a strong job candidate
  • Information on salaries associated with state and local park ranger jobs as well as the GS pay schedule for rangers with the National Park Service
  • Frequently updated blogs that help tell the story of what it’s like working as a park ranger

We encourage aspiring park rangers to use this resource freely to learn about degree requirements, volunteer opportunities, and internships that will help prepare them for a career in conservation and park management.

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