Yosemite Park Ranger Receives Recognition for Years of Dedicated Service

National Park Ranger Glen Gibbons received several standing ovations from his fellow park employees at Yosemite when he was given the prestigious Barry Hance Memorial Award on June 11, 2015.

Making park visitors happy is an integral part of Gibbons’ job as he greets them at the Arch Rock entrance station, and he excels with this type of customer service. Gibbons has worked at the park’s third busiest entrance station since 2000. Sometimes, he is the only national park ranger that visitors will encounter during their time at Yosemite National Park, and he relishes the chance to make each visitor feel special.

Gibbons said “I get to practice being kind to people a thousand times a week” after receiving the award. He is will-known at the park for his positive energy, total willingness to help others at all times, and grace.

Barry Hance was a long-term Facilities Management employee who died tragically in an avalanche while plowing the main road in the park in 1995. The award is given to park employees who exemplify Hance’s many positive qualities:

  • A concern for fellow employees
  • A positive attitude
  • Getting the job done
  • A willingness to work with other park divisions
  • A love for Yosemite National Park
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Receiving the Barry Hance Memorial Award is particularly noteworthy, because other Yosemite National Park employees nominate their fellow employees for the award. Since Yosemite National Park had more than 1,120 employees of the National Park Service in the winter of 2010, an employee there has to really stand out to qualify for the Barry Hance Memorial Award. Thus, it was truly an honor for Glen Gibbons to get his award.

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